Business Underwriting

Let the community know that you support Catholic Radio in East Texas by becoming a Business Underwriter!  Holy Name Radio listeners are a truly responsive and loyal audience who choose to support and frequent the businesses that support Holy Name Radio.  An instant bond between our listeners and business underwriters is formed because our listeners realize the fundamental commitment your business has made to Holy Name Radio.

What is Underwriting?

Underwriting is a great way to help support the mission of Holy Name Radio. If you would like to align your business with Catholic radio, underwriting is a perfect option. The underwriting announcement is not an advertisement for the business or organization, but a statement that the business or organization supports the mission of Holy Name Radio. Your on-air underwriting message may mention your Company name, services or products available, Company slogan, location of your business, contact information (including phone number, address, e-mail, and website address). Unlike commercial advertising, underwriting may not include prices, qualitative or promotional language or calls to action.

The underwriter is strictly providing revenue to support Holy Name Radio and Catholic radio in the East Texas. Holy Name Radio staff and / or board of directors are not allowed to accept money, goods, services, or other valuable considerations from individuals, organizations or businesses to broadcast a program or program material. The staff and / or board of directors is expressly forbidden from promoting any activity or product in which he or she has a direct financial interest.

To become a Business Underwriter please contact:
Neal Slaten -
Or call 936-553-0039