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Holy Name Radio KJXP-LP 100.9FM is an apostolate of the St Joseph Catholic Men’s Fellowship in Nacogdoches, TX – The Oldest Town in Texas.  Our men’s group began as a weekly bible study over 10 years ago.  We still meet faithfully on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 AM. Through our studies and conversations we began asking ourselves what we could do in our communities, families and workplaces to further the truth that is Jesus Christ as proclaimed by the Catholic Church.  In 2014 we began the journey, with the help of EWTN and the Catholic Radio Association to apply for and build a low power FM radio station. Holy Name Radio went on the air in the summer of 2016.  Holy Name Radio is a listener supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that employs broadcast radio, mobile technology, the internet and social platforms to offer news, analysis, teaching, devotions and music to demonstrate the Good News that Jesus is Lord over all areas of life.  Through these means we show that the teaching of Christ, through His Church, offers an encouraging view of the world, a deep sense of spirituality, a firm family life, enhanced human relationships, creative use of reason and scholarship and the creation of a culture of life and love.

Explore our website and tune in to our radio station to experience the range and breadth of knowledge available to our listeners.  Enjoy and Deo Gratias!

Broadcast Schedule

6am-7am: The Son Rise Morning Show (Live)
7am-8am: Morning Glory (Live)
8am-9am: Daily Mass from EWTN Chapel (Live)
9am-10am: Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo (Live)
10am-11am: More 2 Life
11am-12pm: Women of Grace with Johnnette Benkovic (Live)
12pm-1pm: Take 2 with Jerry & Debbie (Live)
1pm-2pm: The Doctor Is In (Live)
2pm-3pm: Called to Communion with Dr. David Anders (Live)
3pm-4pm: EWTN Open Line (Live)
4pm-6pm: Kresta in the Afternoon (Live)

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Source By: Samantha Kelley Connotations surrounding sport can differ greatly. While sport has traditionally been a welcomed activity, it has more recent added benefits of being a terrific distraction from newer technology trends in the younger generations. This trend has been followed by other mental health issues on the rise: suicide, anxiety and depression, and eating disorders. Being physically fit and staying active have proven health benefits, but rising fads of sport and a seemingly toxic athletic culture have many families rethinking if participation is worth it. Saint John Paul the II speaks volumes about the w...

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Queenship of Mary

Posted on July 29, 2022 in: General News

Source The beginning of the concept that she is a Queen is found in the annunciation narrative. For the angel tells her that her Son will be King over the house of Jacob forever. So she, His Mother, would be a Queen. The Fathers of the Church soon picked up these implications. A text probably coming from Origen (died c. 254: cf. Marian Studies 4, 1953, 87) gives her the title domina, the feminine form of Latin dominus. That same title also appears in many other early writers, e.g. , St. Ephrem, St. Jerome, St. Peter Chrysologus. (cf. Marian Studies 4. 87-91. The word Queen appears abut the sixth century, and is commo...

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Prayer and Discernment: The Key Components of Responsible Parenthood
Source By: Deanna Johnston Originally published July 30, 2021. Natural Family Planning Awareness Week is a week that highlights the anniversary of Humanae Vitae (July 25) and the feasts of Saints Joachim and Anne (July 26). Dioceses and parishes are encouraged to promote the teaching of the Church on human sexuality and how Natural Family Planning (NFP) can be used by couples to live the unitive and procreative purposes of marriage. It is an opportunity to discuss the scientific and medical developments of modern methods of NFP and fertility awareness, and clarif...

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