7 Amazing Ways to Live the Corporal Works of Mercy Throughout the 7 Weeks of Lent

Posted on February 25, 2022 in: General News

7 Amazing Ways to Live the Corporal Works of Mercy Throughout the 7 Weeks of Lent

by Becky Roach
Mar 7, 2020

The seven weeks of Lent makes for an opportune time to incorporate the 7 Corporal Works of Mercy into your spiritual life.

Embracing these “charitable actions by which we help our neighbors in their bodily needs” will help you grow closer to Christ as you follow His example of serving others.

This guide will help you on your mission to living the 7 corporal works of mercy throughout Lent.

Week 1: Feed the hungry

Action: Get a group together to make care packages. Fill ziplock bags with apples, granola bars, chips, peanut butter packets, and other snack foods. Drop off at a local shelter, food pantry, or pass out on the streets to the homeless.

Prayer: Lord, fill the hungry with Your love and mercy. Provide for their physical and spiritual needs. I pray that each person who receives this care package would only hunger for more of You!

Week 2: Give drink to the thirsty

Action: Donate baby formula to a pregnancy center or foster care agency in your city.

Prayer: Lord, we pray for all those who thirst, especially for newborn babies in need of nourishment. May this gift of formula help their caregivers to find hope in You and learn to trust in Your ways.

Week 3: Shelter the homeless

Action: A quick Google search will help you find instructions on how to make DIY No-Sew Fleece Blankets. Take the time to make one or more of these blankets to donate to a shelter or distribute to the homeless in your area.

Prayer: Lord, provide the warmth of Your love to all those who are without a home. Send your angels to protect them and keep them safe in You.

Week 4: Visit the sick

Action: Call a nursing home and ask if there are any residents needing a visitor. Schedule a time to visit. Bring games and prepare questions to start conversations.

Prayer: Lord, the elderly are a gift to our generation. Help me to value them, love them, and care for them. Comfort them as they prepare to spend eternity with you.

Week 5: Visit the prisoners

Action: Make Easter cards with joyful scripture verses and send them to a prison.

Prayer: Lord, show your mercy to prisoners. Help them find freedom and courage in Your unending love.

Week 6: Bury the dead

Action: Bring flowers and visit the grave of a deceased loved one. Clean up the area where they are buried.

Prayer: Lord, we pray for all the souls who have gone before us. May they find eternal happiness and joy in Your presence.

Week 7: Clothe the naked

Action: It’s time to clean out your closet and donate the clothes you no longer use. Don’t stop there! Give away a few of your beloved items, or buy a new outfit to donate.

Prayer: Lord, provide for those lacking basic necessities. Help me to remember to give what I can to help those in need.