August Is Devoted To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary

Posted on August 13, 2021 in: General News

August Is Devoted To The Immaculate Heart Of Mary

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Mary - The Blessed Mother

Did you know that each month has a traditional Catholic devotion? This year, let’s focus on each devotion month-by-month to grow in our faith and traditions! Make yourself notes, write it on your calendar, and pray a specific prayer each day of the month to remember. You could use a prayer already associated with the devotion or pray a personal one.

Immaculate Mary Catholic Hymn

The Immaculate Heart of Mary is surrounded by a saintly glow. Her heart is crowned with flowers, pierced with a sword, and has the Holy Spirit’s fire flowing out of it. It is certainly full of grace, purity, and carries the sorrows of Christ’s Passion.

We sin because we love something, at least temporarily, more than we love God. This month it’s time to ask Mary’s intercession for a pure heart. Just like Mary was a tabernacle, sacred and pure, for Our Lord Jesus Christ, we are called to be temples of the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Immaculately Conceived, was pure and saw God Incarnate. As Matthew 5:8 tells us, the pure in heart will see God. I would even say that we can see God in others who are pure in heart.

Draw her heart on your calendar and anywhere else to remind you of this month’s goal: a pure heart!

Reflection Questions for August

1.      What would your heart look like if it was drawn?

2.      What areas in your heart need a Mother’s help mending?

3.      Who do you know who reminds you of Mother Mary’s love most?

4.      Whose pain pierces your heart?

5.      Do you have a heart like Christ?

August Catholic Challenges

1. Draw your own heart like the saint you want to become.

2.Attend Mass on a feast day listed below.

3. Receive Holy Communion August 15th, the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

4. Most importantly, go to confession and confess anything and everything impure in your heart.