Missionaries of the New Evangelization

Posted on July 14, 2021 in: General News

Missionaries of the New Evangelization

Missionaries of the New Evangelization Bring Deliverance Conference to Diocese, Aug. 6-7, 2021

CET Staff

In August of 2020, Fr. Greg Bramlage brought the Missionaries of the New Evangelization to the Diocese of Tyler to teach, evangelize and help people find healing and deliverance. One of the ways Fr. Bramlage does this is through Deliverance Conferences for priests and the laity. The first conference in the Diocese of Tyler will be August 6-7, 2021 at Bishop Gorman High School.

Fr. Greg Bramlage.

Fr. Bramlage has been involved in healing and deliverance ministry for many years. Ordained in the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Fr. Bramlage has traveled the world bringing Christ’s healing to those in need. In 2011, with the support of his Archbishop, Fr. Bramlage started the Missionaries of the New Evangelization to continue this healing and deliverance ministry. A full time missionary, Fr. Bramlage spends much of his time traveling. He is assisted in his work by many lay volunteers all over the country. 

In the United States, Wicca, a modern Pagan religion, is currently one of the fastest growing religions. A visit to the local bookstore or a scroll through the latest shows on Netflix will demonstrate the influence of the New Age movement, leading many people into occult bondage. 

Fr. Bramlage explained that many of the things Jesus encountered in the Gospels are with us today, including the demonic encounters Jesus experienced. Unfortunately in our culture today, many of the spiritual struggles people encounter are simply written off as psychological. As a result, many are not able to find the help and healing God desires for them. Healing and deliverance ministries are desperately needed in our current times.  

A significant part of Fr. Bramlage’s ministry is teaching priests how to recognize the demonic and what to do about it when the evil spirits are identified. In a special way, Fr. Bramlage is here to help Bishop Strickland and the priests of the Diocese of Tyler. The Deliverance Conference in August in one of the ways Fr. Bramlage teaches and trains clergy and lay people on the issue. 

The conference will be held at Bishop Gorman High School on August 6th and 7th. Bishop Joseph Strickland, Fr. Greg Bramlage and Ralph Martin will be the speakers for the conference. The topics for the conference include:

  • Discerning Spirits Correctly for Effective Ministry
  • A Church in Crisis, Pathways Forward
  • It’s All About Salvation
  • Exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse
  • Holiness Is Not an Option
  • Healing PTSD & Integrating Multiple Personalities
  • Breaking Occult Dedications, Contracts & Seals
  • The Grave Importance of Deliverance Ministry
  • The Sword of the Spirit & the Shield of Faith

The conference is open to both clergy and laity. Many people attend the conference because they are looking for healing and deliverance for themselves. Others attend to learn more about this necessary ministry in order to help and serve others. 

In addition to the Deliverance Conference, Fr. Bramlage also offers parish missions and private healing and deliverance ministry. 

You can learn more about the Missionaries of the New Evangelization by visiting their website, You can also learn more about the Deliverance Conference in August and register for the conference here

Cover Image: Healing of Peter’s Mother-in-law, by John Bridges, 19th Century.